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Woodford once again achieves ISM Bronze Award for GCSE Music

Woodford has again been awarded the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)’s Bronze Award for GCSE Music based on our Summer 2016 results. The ISM’s awards recognise schools where a significantly higher than average proportion of pupils achieve a grade C or above at GCSE Music – and the Bronze award is given to schools where this is the case for more than 10% of all GCSE entries. We are proud to have achieved national recognition for our excellent results in GCSE Music, and our significant uptake in the subject. While many schools around the country are, due to budget cuts and curriculum reform, considering placing less significance on Music and the Arts, Woodford is pleased to be bucking the trend, and ensuring that all students have access to a high quality Music and Arts education.

  • Healthy School
  • Investors in Careers
  • Ofsted
  • London School Music Excellence Award 2017
  • Top 100 Stem School
  • Top 100 Stem School
  • ASGS
  • Travel Accreditation